5 Best Treatments of a Smile Makeover in Mumbai

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June 3, 2017
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When people consult a dentist for that perfect smile, they often do not consider that it is an amalgamation of various medical procedures. People often consider that the smile makeover cost in Mumbai is notably very high; but cosmetic dentistry is expensive because it combines various procedures to achieve the desired results.

Here is the breakup of 5 treatments that are typically a part of a cosmetic smile makeover –


#1 – Tooth Whitening: One of the best known and more simple procedures used for smile makeovers in Mumbai; tooth whitening or bleaching is also the most frequently sought after procedure in cosmetic dentistry. While tooth whitening is not a very expensive procedure, many people try home remedies and untested ‘traditional’ products which severely damage their enamel. Make sure that you consult a reputed dentist who would use the proper procedures and cleansing products to make your teeth glistening white.


#2 – Tooth Shaping: A large part of your smile makeover cost in Mumbai may be because of the complicated and sensitive process of tooth shaping. This is a very time consuming procedure of cosmetic dentistry that shapes and grinds each individual tooth to a suitable shape. This may leave your teeth sensitive for a few days after the procedure, so do prepare yourself for the minor temporary discomfort.


#3 – Tooth Alignment: Aligning the teeth may involve several procedures and is usually determined by the condition of your natural teeth, age, and some other related factors. If you are young, it is considerably easier to get your teeth aligned. Many children wear braces or binders to help them get a more uniform oral formation at early stages of their development. For adults, tooth alignment usually involves the same long term use of braces and binders; but may also include some grinding and shaping for better results.


#4 – Diastema Closure: Many smile makeovers in Mumbai involve the complicated task of reducing the gap between individual teeth. Diastema closure is not an easy process, and like tooth alignment, sometimes requires long term use of braces or binders. The latest tools of cosmetic dentistry include invisible braces and dental bands that are not easily visible, and you can even wear them during social occasions at ease.


#5 – Veneers: One of the more expensive techniques of cosmetic dentistry, veneers could be a large part of the smile makeover cost. In Mumbai, the best dentists may charge quite a fair bit for veneers, but these high quality implants are permanent solutions for broken and missing teeth compared to dentures or removable fixtures.


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