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Fixed teeth with dental implants
May 25, 2016
Smile Makeover in a day
July 7, 2016

Early loss of teeth is a common problem existing in the majority of the population

  • Premature loss of teeth gives the sign of ageing at an early age.
  • These people suffer from functional problems such as improper eating, improper speech and poor aesthetics.
  • Improper eating leads to incomplete digestion which may lead to lots of systemic problems. Also, this may lead to the social & psychological impact on the individual.

General way of solving these problems:

  • Removable Partial Dentures
  • Complete Dentures
  • Fixed Partial Dentures (If some of the teeth are present)

All these above conventional treatment modalities have limitations which include Psychological, Functional and social issues.
We are very lucky as we exist in the age of Implants.

Our way of solving these problems:

At Synergy, with the advanced facilities like In-house CBCT Center, In-house CAD/CAM Laboratory and expertise in Implant Dentistry.
We solve these issues by semi-fixed (Implant supported over denture) Full Mouth Treatment with Implants.

NAME OF THE PATIENT : Mr. Hamood Syed ,located in Oman.
AGE: 55 years

Loss of teeth at an early age.
This created the inability to eat and chew, thus ending up to malnutrition and general health issues.

CBCT scan and photographs were taken.
After the assessment of CBCT scan,
Four osttem implants were planned to be placed in the upper jaw.
Immediate loading of implants and prostheses was planned.
Lower jaw was not having dense bone to support implant, thus we settled for providing conventional denture.


  • SURGICAL- Four implants placed in upper jaw.
  • PROSTHETIC- Implant bar constructed in co-cr casting for splinting of four implants. Upper denture with bar and clip attachment was delivered.
    The Conventional denture was delivered for lower jaw.

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