In-house CBCT Centre

We have an in-house CBCT, it helps in 3D evaluation of bone for implant planning and ensures safe and accurate implant positioning. 3D imaging enables clinicians to see detailed anatomical structures and three dimensional reconstructions, this is a boon to implant dentistry as it offers accurate diagnosis for bone estimation.

In-house Dental Hi-Tech Laboratory :

The In house CAD/CAM system Amann Girrbach, helps to deliver precise crowns / caps on dental Implants in short span of time.

Sterilization :

We follow strict and stringent sterilization protocols. All the instruments are sterilized using Class B Autoclave.

Affordable Dental Implants

At Synergy Dental Clinics, we are using number of implant systems, different technologies hence we can offer wide range of dental implants starting right from 20,000 - 60,000 INR

Implant System

We are equipped with almost all globally accepted implant systems. Few mentioned below are frequently used by us. Noble Bio care | Bio Horizon | Osstem | Adin Xive | Ankylos

Time Frame

Depending on the technology used, dental implants are categorized into 3 types, based on the time required:

Two stage implants:

The procedure is carried out in two stages in an interval of 2-3months. The first stage involves the placement of the implants. The second stage involves the fabrication of the crowns (teeth).

Single stage implants:

This involves completion of the entire procedure, Implant placements and fabrication of the crowns (teeth) in one stage. The time required approximately is 7 - 8 days.

Immediate implants:

This is a specialized technique, allowing teeth to be replaced in a single day. This is usually called as Teeth in a day. Immediate implants are also possible.


virtue of Dr. Vipin Mahurkar 's long experience in field of implant dentistry ,latest technologies used at Synergy Dental Clinics and in-depth knowledge of stomatognathic system (occlusion) we can offer warranty of 15-20 years.
At the same time we advocates the importance of Maintenance therapy which includes periodic check-up, cleaning and X-rays of the treatment done.

Missing teeth is a curse as it makes a person partially handicapped due to reduced chewing ability. With the beginning of 21 st century there has been a shift in technology and change in treatment plans. Initially a missing tooth was replaced by bridges or removable partial dentures but with the advancement of Science, implants have become the most popular as well as ideal option for tooth replacement. Today, Dental Implants have become a routine dental procedure in every practice. It is a treatment of choice for replacing single or multiple teeth.

Also, dental implants are the most conservative and predictable option, dental implants help in achieving the basic goal of modern dentistry i.e function, comfort, esthetics, speech and health regardless of atrophy, disease, or injury of stomatognathic system. To summarize, Dental implants are ideal solution for replacement of missing teeth. Thus, the chewing ability is regained which means you can enjoy your favorite food throughout your life.

Dental Implants involve a thorough knowledge of bone physiology, soft tissue management, occlusion(bite) and esthetics. At Synergy Dental Clinic, all the doctors are trained to deliver ideal implant solutions.

Dr. Vipin Mahurkar heads the implant section of Synergy Cental Clinic. He has successfully placed over 9000 of implants with sucess ratio of 97%, Our Dental implant department is most advanced with all latest technologies. We have an in house CAD/CAM lab to give precise teeth on implants to our patient, respecting the patient's time. All the subjects are understood and applied to get ideal results.

Get the Best Dental Implants treatment in Mumbai & Pune at Synergy Dental Clinic. We offer high quality dental treatment at an affordable cost. Contact us Now!

Dental Implant Cases

All on four

all on four

We came across an old lady, aged approx 75, having osteoporotic bone conditions, with severe bone loss of upper and lower jaws. This type of bone loss, generally considered biggest contra-indication for fixed teeth. But She wanted fixed teeth, since the idea of removable dentures was unacceptable to her. For fixed teeth, we used the 'all on four' principle of implant supported teeth. Finally, meticulous delivery of treatment along with patient compliance resulted in the successful delivery of fixed teeth. The Other advantages of this well structured fixed set of teeth include restoration of her normal facial profile and high self confidence.

All on 4/ All on 6

All on 4/ All on 6

An alternative to people, who are tired of ill-fitting dentures but cannot go for full mouth implants due to some of the other reason.

Aesthetic in Dental Implants

Aesthetic in Dental Implants

Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Due to gum infection in the upper front jaw area, a man loss his upper front tooth. A multidimensional approach was made to address multiple problems faced by the patient, which included 'Sinus Lift' procedure which is used to increase the bone height in missing teeth area by placing bone grafts and substitutes along with raising the sinus floor. In this case, Conventional method of replacing a tooth by placing a bridge was out of question as neighbouring teeth were not firm enough. Implant placement was done along with gum therapy, resulted in resolving gum infection and replacement of the missing tooth resulted with preservation of neighbouring teeth.

Fixed Teeth with Dental Implants

Fixed Teeth with Dental Implants

Zirconia Abutment

Zirconia Abutment

Teeth in a day

Teeth in a day

Implant Suppported denture

Implant Suppported denture

A lady with completely edentulous lower jaw and missing upper back teeth was referred to our clinic. The height of the bone was very less and the lower bone ridge was too thin, making it impossible for conventional implant placement procedures. We, with the help of our CBCT scan systems and latest knowledge of bone augmentation techniques increased the bone height in upper jaw with the help of a 'Sinus Lift' procedure which is used to increase the bone height in the missing teeth area by placing bone substitutes along with raising the sinus floor. Ridge spilt procedure in the lower jaw was is used for increasing the width of bone. Her upper teeth were replaced by implant supported fixed teeth and for lower arch she was provided with implant supported denture which fits firmly and can be removed by the patient with little effort.

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