Fixed teeth with dental implants

All on four/ all on six
June 13, 2016

Early loss of teeth is a common problem existing in the majority of the population.

  • Premature loss of teeth gives the sign of ageing at an early age.
  • These people suffer from functional problems such as improper eating, improper speech and poor aesthetics.
  • Improper eating leads to incomplete digestion which may lead to lots of systemic problems. Also this may lead to social & psychological impact on the individual.

General way of solving these problems/ Conventional treatment methodologies:

  • Removable Partial Dentures
  • Complete Dentures
  • Fixed Partial Dentures (If some of the teeth are present)

All these above conventional treatment moralities have functional and Psychological limitations ( which include Psychological, Functional and social issues.)
We are very lucky as we exist in the age of Implants.

Our way of solving these problems/ Advance treatment methodologies:

At Synergy Dental Clinics, with the top of the line facilities like In-house coned beam CT scan (CBCT) Center, In-house computer aided designing and 3D milling (CAD-CAM) Laboratory and expertise team in Implant Dentistry with more than 15 years of experience, these issues are solved by fixed Full Mouth Treatment with Implants.

Name of the patient : Mrs. Indu Patil
Age : 50 years
Gender : Female

Chief Complaint :
Loss of teeth leading to inability to chew at an early age.
This created Psychosocial issues, leading to low self-confidence.

Treatment Done:
A CBCT scan and photographs were taken.
18 Implants with fixed teeth we planned.
10 in upper jaw and 8 in lower jaw.
Fixed milled Metal Free Zirconia teeth/ prosthesis was delivered in 3 months.


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