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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Temporomandibular joint

Dentofacial structure is a dynamic part of our body which is subjected to continuous wear and tear. Masticatory system comprises of jaw joints, muscles, supporting structures (gums and bones) and teeth. All these components work in harmony with each other for the function of eating, biting, swallowing, speaking and aesthetics, this synchronized working of all the components together lead to peaceful interrelationship between jaws, muscle and teeth.

Dysfunction of any one of the component may have impact on entire system.

The sequel of pathology may range as: single tooth fracture, generalized thinning of teeth, collapse of bite, pain in jaw muscles & finally joint problems such as clicking.

All these symptoms are commonly referred to as TMDs (Temporomandibular Disorders), TMDs is cured by a procedure called FMR (Full Mouth Rehabilitation).

Full mouth rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary procedure which is performed to achieve a healthy, aesthetic, well functioning and self maintaining masticatory mechanism which consists of replacement of missing teeth by dental implants, crown and bridge, endodontics, orthodontics together to get a balance bite in coordination with dentofacial structures.


The term TMDs describes a group of condition that affect TMJs (Temporomandibular Joints), the muscles of mastication or both.
Signs and symptoms of TMDs are:
1. Clicking of joints (partial disk arrangements)
2. Tinnitus (ringing of ears)
3. Pain in cervical spine, TMJ
4. Muscular spasm/ myofacial pain
5. Headaches
6. Limitation, locking and incoordination of jaw movements
Occlusal problems (teeth related) are the principal cause of TMDs. Slightest disharmony between teeth, TMJ, muscles can cause incoordination of the masticatory function. This is the reason we put so much emphasis on harmony between the TMJ & teeth.
To achieve goals of FMR, we at Synergy have gone beyond the teeth/oral cavity.

Dental Implants
Smile Makeover

Full Mouth Rehabilitation cases

full mouth rehabilitation case

A 55 year old female reported to us with lots of multiple tooth fracture, inability to chew food, clicking sound in temporomandibular jaw etc.
We have recommended her a Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Full mouth rehabilitation

The patient suffered with decayed and thinning of teeth. Normal occlusion (bite) was achieved by altering the vertical dimension of jaw. His treatment in Full Mouth Rehabilitation included RCT, fillings, crown, implants bridge.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation was done to achieve the perfect bite. All teeth were planned on 4 implants ( All on 4).

full mouth rehabilitation case

Patient complained of missing teeth, inability to chew food. Vertical dimension were restored along with implant treatment.