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Smile Makeover

Human race is the only species capable of smiling.
A healthy and pleasing smile makes you feel confident and raises your self esteem. Smile changes your persona, it adds finishing touch to your appearance. Missing, broken or discolored tooth decreases one's confidence leading to a reason for embarrassment and making him/her to feel unacceptable in society.

Henceforth more and more patients of all age group are now opting for perfect, attractive and healthy smile. Patients with aesthetic problems need special attention.
Aesthetic and function are at equal concern when restoring a smile. Creating a perfect smile is a challenging procedure that requires multidisciplinary approach and meticulous treatment planning.

We have Dr. Pallavi Kendrekar, the expert in Cosmetic dentistry since 12 years. She has been awarded in 'Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Award 2013' under the category of 'Best Smile Centre'.

Keeping all this in mind, we at Synergy Dental Clinics have a specialized team of doctors including Periodontist, Implantologist, Orthodontist, and Aesthetic dentist for evaluating and executing treatment plan.

This multidisciplinary approach gives an outcome which balances aesthetic and function.

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Smile Makeover cases

Smile makeover in a day

smile makeover in a day

In the profession of modelling, a beautiful smile can give you a winning title. One of the famous model Ms. Ankita wanted her smile makeover within a limited period of time. In a days time we made Handcrafted direct veneers (composite veneers) along with Re-contouring, Teeth Shaping, Teeth Polishing. Although the process was complicated, it has ended by giving a fabulous smile makeover to Ms. Ankita
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Smile makeover with a multidisciplinary approach

smile makeover in a day

Nowadays, people know how a good smile can play the vital role in their personality. One of our foreign patients who is very serious about her personality wanted a customized smile makeover. We used a combination of veneers & Implants to give a beautiful and youthful smile to 45 years old female.

Tooth jewellery


Tooth Jewellery is the latest trend for people who looking for adding a spark to their personality. They are following this trend as a concept of having tooth accessories. This process takes 10-15 minutes and it's non-toxic.


correction of mistreated smile by veneers

When people have bad tooth structure, they feel a low self esteem while hanging around in their social circle. One of our young female patients was distressed due to her faulty teeth. A new changed smile has helped her to restoring her self-confidence back.


Crooked front teeth add a little displeasing touch to the smile. A 22 year old female was unhappy with her front teeth. Dental veneers were used to correct the crooked teeth to beautiful straight teeth with a pleasing smile.

Teeth whitening followed by dental veneers

teeth whitening

Smile is the thing which is noticed first in the individual. When a lady has her front teeth darker, it refrains her certainly to smile healthfully. We treated her with teeth whitening with bleaching to give her a 'confident smile' again.

teeth whitening followed by dental veneers

Smile has no age bar. A stained teeth smile at any age could give you a lower self esteem. A 59 year old male with various habits was treated with teeth whitening with dental veneers to give him an attractive smile.

Tooth coloured filling

decay in teeth replaced by tooth coloured filling

The food lodged in between teeth reacts with acid formed in tooth leading to cavitation. This cavitation discolors the teeth lowers the self esteem of on an individual. We gave her treatment of tooth colored composite fillings restoring back her destructed tooth.

Gap closure

veneers closing the gaps in the teeth

The 27 year old male, model in Oman, was not very confident while smiling. The reason was gaps in his teeth and small size teeth. The treatment given by us for him was teeth whitening with dental veneers restoring back his smile with confidence.